Handover Distribution Frame TAM


Handover Rack TAM / TASM

Close Up - SM64LLU-IDC

This handover frame has 64 circuits per card with 16 cards per rack. The wiring / IDC connectors along the top of each card are connected directly to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF). The bottom row IDCs go to the ISPs equipment.

It is possible for ILEC and ISP to access the TAM but this does not happen in practice.

Two other Handover Frames are available with capacity increased to 100 circuit lines per card or 128 line circuits. The type of frame used depends on the ISP and equipment installed. E.G Using a 64 or 128 capacity is ideal where fully loaded DSLAMs are installed with cards of 16 ports. The 100 line variant is better suited to a mature ISP with good port mapping and infrastructure.

It is highly unlikely a rack will be shared betwwen differnet ISPs. In areas like London where there are multiple ISPs it is normal to fit a rack or cabinet per ISP.


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Photos courtesy UTEL

Full TAM Handover Rack