Rack Mounted TAM

Rack Mounted Test Access Matrix

There are many options for rack mounting TAM. Racks are normally 19" or ETSI standard. The shelf holding the TAM is designed to fit easily into either type of rack.

TASM / TAM - 400 Line

The unit to the right consists of 16 removable cards, each one has a 25 line circuit capacity.

The unit will run with a minimum of 1 card (25 line circuits). Additional cards can be added for expansion at a later stage. Up to 16 cards can be fitted giving a maximum capacity of 400 line circuits.

Further 16x25 shelves can be added within the same cabinet to extend capacity to thousands of lines.

Rack Mounted TAM


TASM / TAM - 100 Line

A 100 line circuit unit, standard 19" or ETSI mounting.

This is a master/ slave configuration that offers customer service protection by having a secondary unit. Either unit can be removed with no  impact on the customers circuit.

Connection to the Main Distribution Frame or DSLAM equipment is via plugs, these can be seen in this photo.

100 Line Circuit TAM card

Photo courtesy of UTEL

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