Intelligent Switch Manager Controller


Intelligent Switch Manager Controller (ISMC)

The ISMC manages the connection to the Central Office and controls all the switching infrastructure for the site. The unit is scaled to meet the sites demands and can be upgraded to a larger capacity unit to cater for later expansion.


MMI port for laptop connection - configuration and upgrades

Switch Bus - Manages the hierachy of switch combinations

Test Bus In - Diasy chained to bring the line circuits back to the Test Head

Test Bus Out - The presentation of four wires (2 in & 2 out)

Variants Include:

Additional Test Bus ports for adding more Test Heads

X25 connectivity

Intelligent Switch Manager Controller


Small Site ISMC Large Site ISMC                       ISMC101 coming soon                     
ISMC for a small to medium sized site ISMC for a large site - additional Test Head Ports New ISMC for medium to large sites